Michael Mahoney

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Michael Mahoney is a producer with more than forty years industry experience. He began his career in 1971 in the Distribution Department (the library) of the National Film Board of Canada. A year later, he moved into the camera department and for the next twenty-six years he had the opportunity to travel the world working as a camera assistant, DOP, director and ultimately, producer. In 1998 he opened Magic Rock Productions. He forged relationships with independent producers, networks and studios in the United States and he has met with much success. He has produced more than thirty films, television series, limited television series and feature films. Two Geminis, a Genie, two Emmy nominations, A Christopher Award and the Cine Golden Eagle have been a few of the ways that he has been recognized. The recognition that matters most to him though, is that those who work with him, choose to work with him time and time again.

Magic Rock Productions

Founded by award-winning Producer Michael Mahoney, Magic Rock Productions has established a reputation for producing high quality television and film. In addition to producing TV Series like THE MIST and LIZZIE BORDEN CHRONICLES, Magic Rock has forged strong relationships with studios and networks around the world. Sony, A&E, Fox, NBC, Columbia TriStar, Viacom, Spike, and Warner Bros are a few of the partners with whom Magic Rock has produced.

Magic Rock Productions offers a complete production service infrastructure for American and European productions shooting in Canada.

Industry Role

  • Producer
  • Service Producer