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Lights, cameras, jobs! Are you interested in working in Nova Scotia’s film and TV industry? Read below to find out how to get started. If you have any questions after reading this page, please contact Alex Brundige, Membership Services & Events Coordinator, for more information: / 902-229-1499.

About Screen Nova Scotia: Screen Nova Scotia is a film commission and industry association that promotes and advocates on behalf of Nova Scotia’s screen industry. Our membership includes producers, cast, crew, unions, service providers, and supporting industry organizations. Please note that Screen Nova Scotia does not directly hire talent or crew for productions filming in the province. 

Screen Nova Scotia is dedicated to building a strong and sustainable future for Nova Scotia’s production sector. We’re the first point of contact to find out more about locations, production partners, industry resources and infrastructure, and financial incentives.

Become a member: Interested in joining SNS? We offer a variety of membership options and benefits HERE. 


Read below for a list of various crew positions and industry roles, complete with job descriptions for each. This section will also provide direct contacts in the unions, guilds, and companies who can help get you started.

Please note that the path to a career in the film and television industry in Nova Scotia is frequently pursued through the unions and guilds. They often offer entry-level courses as well as trainee and apprenticeship opportunities. However this is not the only route, and you can reach out directly to production companies (e.g. documentary and factual television production companies are often non-union), talent and casting agencies, etc. who can be found on our online Production Guide.

I.A.T.S.E Local 849: This is the union which represents nearly 400 Motion Picture Technicians in Canada’s Maritime Provinces. Their members work in the following departments:

– Animal Wranglers
– Costumes
– Craft Service
– Diving
– Greens
– Grip
– Hair
– Lighting
– Make-up
– Marine
– Props
– Scenic / Paint
– Script Supervision
– Set Construction
– Set Decoration
– Sound
– Special Effects
– Transportation

Job descriptions for each of these individual positions can be found HERE. Information on accessing entry-level positions at Local 849 can be found HERE.

Contact: Jake Ivany, Operations and Membership Coordinator / 902-425-2739

I.A.T.S.E. Local 667: This union represents camera professionals and unit publicists who work in all phases of Motion Picture productions. The I.A.T.S.E. Local 667 membership is comprised of unit publicists and a variety of professional camera people working in different positions based on their experience, skills and the nature of the recorded media. The positions have been broken down into three major categories:

Motion Picture Department:
– Director of Photography/Cinematographer
– Camera Operator
– Steadicam Operator
– 1st Assistant Cameraperson
– 2nd Assistant Cameraperson
– Camera Utility/Loader
– Still Photographer
– Camera Trainee
– Visual Effects Supervisor
– 24 Frame Operator
– Video Coordinator
– Video Assist 1
– Underwater Camera

Digital Departments:
– Digital Engineer
– Digital Imaging Technician
– Digital Management Technician
– Electronic (Video) Division
– Electronic Cameraperson
– Lighting Director
– Electronic Sound Recordist

Publicity Department:
– Unit Publicist

Job descriptions for each of these individual positions can be found HERE.

Contact: Roman Neubacher, Business Representative / 1-877-368-1667 (toll free)

Director’s Guild of Canada – DGC Maritimes: The DGC Maritimes is an inter-provincial labour organization representing more than 175 key creative and logistical personnel working in the screen-based industries in the Provinces of Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. The council is based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The DGC Maritimes represents the following job categories:

– Director
– 2nd Unit Director
– Assistant Directors
– Set Production Assistants
– Production Manager
– Unit Manager
– Assistant Production Manager
– Production Coordinator
– Assistant Production Coordinators
– Office Production Assistants
– Location Manager
– Location Scout
– Assistant Location Manager
– Location Production Assistants
– Production Designer
– Art Directors
– Assistant Art Directors
– Set Designers
– Art Department Coordinator
– Art Dept Production Assistants
– Supervising Picture Editor
– Picture Editor
– Assistant Picture Editors
– Trainee Assistant Picture Editor
– Supervising Sound Editor
– Sound Editor
– Assistant Sound Editors
– Music Editor
– Production Accountant
– Assistant Accountants
– Trainee Assistant Accountants

Job descriptions for each of these individual positions can be found HERE. For a full list of positions the DGC Martimes represents, please click HERE. Information about the DGC Maritimes Entry Level Permittee Program can be found HERE.

Contact: Francine Deschepper, Administration and Communications Coordinator 902-492-3424 (office)

ACTRA Maritimes: ACTRA Maritimes represents more than 600 of Canada’s 27,000 professional performers working in English-language recorded media in Canada. ACTRA is a member-driven union that continues to secure rights and respect for the work of professional performers. ACTRA represents:

– Actors
– Recording artists
– Comedians
– Announcers
– Stunt coordinators/performers
– Dancers
– Narrators
– Voice performers
– Hosts
– Choreographers
– Models
– Background performers
– Puppeteers

Contact: Sian Morris Ross / 902-420-1404 (office)

Please use our Screen Nova Scotia Production Guide to view current crew working in all these positions, as well as to find production companies and service providers in other areas (including post-production, casting, animation, and more).


These local organizations can connect you with industry members, help provide hands-on experience and professional development programs, and offer funding opportunities for filmmakers.

Atlantic Filmmakers Cooperative: The Atlantic Filmmakers Cooperative (AFCOOP) is a non-profit, community organization dedicated to supporting the production and presentation of independent films in a collaborative, learning environment. AFCOOP supports the production, promotion and presentation of original, high-quality independent films and media art. AFCOOP offers: equipment rentals, workshops, training programs, and grants/funding opportunities. More information HERE.

Centre for Art Tapes: The Centre for Art Tapes (CFAT) is an artist-run charitable organization that facilitates and supports artists at all levels working with electronic media including video, audio, and new media. CFAT provides subsidized public access to professional equipment, facilities, technical expertise, educational resources, mentorship, and other forms of professional and creative support. Through its organizational structure and its activities, CFAT strives to put marginalized artists into the centre of discourses and practices of media art. More info HERE.

Documentary Organization of Canada – Atlantic:
DOC Atlantic is Canada’s East Coast chapter of the Documentary Organization of Canada, serving around 65 professional filmmakers in Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Nova Scotia. To connect with DOC Atlantic, including to get information on local programming, click HERE.

Women in Film & Television – Atlantic: WIFT-AT is a non-profit professional association that advances the careers of female-identifying professionals working in film, television and screen-based media in Atlantic Canada. WIFT-AT supports women through the development and execution of groundbreaking programming, communications, networking opportunities and member benefits to encourage strategic leadership growth and offers inspirational outreach to new members and audiences. More info HERE. 


These post-secondary educational programs can offer training and learning opportunities that range from practical, hands-on experience to theory, history, and analysis. Please note that not all crew positions require a post-secondary degree — for more information on specific training requirements, please contact the unions/guilds listed above.

NSCC – Screen Arts Program: In this intensive program, you cover the entire film production cycle, from initial concept through to distribution, within a hands-on, creative, crew-centred learning environment. Upon successful completion of this program, graduates will have a strong foundation in all aspects of film and video production and are able to contribute to the film industry as a reliable and competent crew member. More info HERE.

Contact: Chris Campbell / 902-491-4723

NSCAD – Major in Film:
This extensive Film program offers you an opportunity to explore the practice, history, theory and analysis of film production and film art. The program combines comprehensive course options in different film production techniques with an academic overview of the history and theory of film arts. The film program provides you with a broad understanding of the film production process, as well as the opportunity to create and develop your own projects. More info HERE. 

Contact: / 902-494-8259

Dalhousie University – Cinema and Media Studies:
This Cinema and Media Studies program embraces today’s incredible variety of moving images — from theatrically released films to TV, YouTube and video games. You’ll be introduced to audiovisual analysis and the language of cinematography, editing, sound, acting, and art direction—and study the history of cinema from its beginnings to the present day. Elective courses provide opportunities to study specific genres, directors, and national cinemas, as well as interdisciplinary topics such as narration, narrative in fiction and film, feminist film practices and music and film. More info HERE.

Dalhousie University – Costume Studies: The Costume Studies program is unique in North America, and offers a four-year BA with Honours in Theatre (Costume Studies). The program has a strong historical focus on both theatre and museum work, and stresses applied skills, along with research and academic skills. Students will achieve a well-rounded education, equally able to turn their hand to creating costumes from any historical period, and to the kinds of problem solving which have come to be expected of graduates with a broad liberal arts education. More info HERE.

Contact: / 902-494-2450


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