Diversity Mentorship Program

Applications are closed for 2024

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Screen Nova Scotia’s membership is made up of the crew, talent, production and creative teams that reside in and create Nova Scotia content. In 2022, to accelerate the development of our diverse talent in the province, Screen Nova Scotia offered twelve individuals paid internships, each lasting four weeks on professional film sets in the province. 

Screen Nova Scotia is calling for applications to fill intern positions through our Diversity Mentorship Program for the upcoming year, 2024/25. Selected interns will be placed on a professional film/television set in a crew trainee position and paired with a designated mentor for the four-week period to gain hands-on experience in the crew department of their choice. However not all departments are available to take on interns: DOP, Camera Operators and Camera Assistant positions are not possible as IATSE 667 has an established trainee program for these positions.

Please also note that this is a crew training program (not for performers/acting).

Program Details: 

Choices for IATSE Local 849 Departments: basic descriptions of these departments and positions can be found HERE.

  • Costumes
  • Craft Service 
  • Grip
  • Hair (has to have a hair license or have a background in hair)
  • Lighting
  • Make-up (has to have some background in make-up)
  • Props
  • Scenic Paint
  • Set Construction
  • Set Decoration
  • Sound
  • Transportation (requires a valid driver’s license)

Choices for DGC Maritimes Departments: basic descriptions of these departments and positions can be found HERE.

  • Assistant Directing
  • Production Office
  • Locations
  • Art Department
  • Editing
  • Accounting

Since 2023, Screen Nova Scotia has partnered with IATSE Local 849 and DGC Maritimes on this program. Depending on the job position placement, interns may be hired under a Union/Guild contract, and will therefore be able to count their internship toward requirements for eventual membership applications with these organizations, should they choose to do so. 

Interns working in a department represented by IATSE Local 849 would be part of the IATSE 849 Trainee Program. Interns who are hired under an IATSE 849 contract will have all the same rights and working conditions as union members and will be paid a reduced hourly wage as per this program outline. Find out more about the Trainee Program with IATSE 849 HERE.

As a non-member working in a DGC job category, the intern would be part of the DGC Maritimes Permittee Program. Interns who are hired under a DGC contract will have all the same rights, working conditions, pay rates, deductions, fringes, hours, and responsibilities as those of Guild members. Find out more about the Permittee Program at DGC Maritimes HERE

While Interns must have Permanent Residency Status to join the Directors Guild of Canada, non-PR status Nova Scotians are welcome to apply to the Screen Nova Scotia Diversity Mentorship Program.

For all interns, typical work days may last up to 12-14 hours, depending on the production/department. Applicants must be available to complete the full four-week (20 days) internship.

The application process will be managed by Screen Nova Scotia, as well as an external jury of experienced film and television professionals in both the local and national screen industry. Once selected, the interns will be required to participate in a mandatory Set Etiquette course in advance of their on-set placement, sponsored by IATSE Local 849. Interns must also be available to complete orientation with BIPOC TV & Film. This will be arranged by Screen Nova Scotia and offered at no cost to the trainee. The exception would be if the intern has previously taken a set etiquette course within the past two years. 

“The program offers excellent candidates who want to learn about our industry. The person we chose was a perfect match for the department of their choice, such a great match that we were able to keep them for the whole show.” — Ann Bernier, Producer

Eligibility Criteria:

Program Level: Emerging
Length of professional on-set mentorship: Four weeks (approx. 20 days)
Age range: 18+


  • Applicants must identify as diverse, as part of a racialized or marginalized community (this includes those who identify as Black, Indigenous, as a Person of Colour, as a 2SLGBTQIA+ individual, or as a person with disabilities).
  • Basic knowledge of the film industry is essential.
    • Past experience on a film set in a crew, trainee, or volunteer capacity will be considered an asset. Please identify any experience in your application.
    • Other equivalent film and television work experience is an asset, but not essential (e.g. sponsored training initiatives such as AFCOOP’s FILM 5 Program, Halifax Black Film Festival Youth and Diversity program, Breaking Through the Screen for African Canadians, any mentorship program or co-op placements/work terms, and post-secondary education/programs). Please identify this experience in your application.
  • The completion of the mandatory Set Etiquette course. When submitting your application, please inform us if you have taken the course within the past two years or if you will need to be signed up. 
  • Applicants do not need to be a member of Screen Nova Scotia to apply, but do need to be a resident of Nova Scotia (living and paying taxes in the province), or be part of a Nova Scotia reserve.
  • Understanding of and ability to speak fluent English in order to effectively communicate with the crew.

Application Requirements:

Program applicants must submit all of the following information electronically in a .PDF file via email to melanie@screennovascotia.com with the title Diversity Mentorship Program Application.

Keeping the above criteria in mind, please submit: 

  • Resume/bio of the applicant. Please self-identify to which marginalized and/or racialized communities you belong. Looking for resume tips? Check HERE.
  • A letter of interest/intent describing why you want to be a part of this program and outlining the steps you will take to advance your career in the film/ television industry. In this letter, clearly identify the top three departments that you would be most interested in working in, with a brief description of why. Example HERE OR
  • Submit the details above in this easy-to-fill Google Form, which will be submitted to the Screen Nova Scotia office with your resume/bio.

The deadline to apply is 3 p.m. AST, May 9th, 2024.  Late and/or incomplete applications will not be considered by our jury. If you have any questions about this program, please contact Industry Services & Locations Manager, Melanie Solomon: melanie@screennovascotia.com / (902) 229-1499.

Additional Information:

Following acceptance in the program, interns will be given a ‘what to expect on a film set document’. In addition, you can expect a contact list of trusted resources/support people on set you can talk to during your experience.

In 2023, Screen Nova Scotia partnered with BIPOC TV & Film to support and provide resources for interns participating in this program. This will take place during the lead-up to placement, during the placement and following completion of the placement. You will be provided with a support person to guide you through any questions, or challenges you may have. Following internships, participants can expect a survey, along with information about next steps (Union Permittees or Referral Lists discussions, getting involved with Screen Nova Scotia, etc.)


In 2019, Screen Nova Scotia introduced an organizational mandate to develop and deliver projects that are tailored towards increasing job opportunities and discoverability of diverse individuals (Black, Indigenous, Person of Colour, 2SLGBTQIA+, & persons with disabilities).

Thank you to our partners at Telefilm Canada, the Canada Media Fund, as well as the Association of Black Social Workers for supporting this program.