Nova Scotia has a long history of producing critically acclaimed and award-winning films, television series, documentaries and animation.

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Nova Scotia is home to world-class crews, talented cast, experienced production partners, and state of the art post-production facilities. Visit Nova Scotia to see why these award-winning, highly skilled and professional technicians are in demand across the country and around the world. Explore Screen Nova Scotia’s online production guide HERE for contact information, credits, and other details. We’re also happy to provide information on potential production partners, service providers, and unions and guilds, to help you quickly become familiar with the logistics of Nova Scotia’s screen industry.

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2021 is on track to be one of the busiest years for the N.S. film industry. Scroll down for an up-to-date list of productions that are currently shooting in Nova Scotia. Please note that we are unable to provide any information on upcoming productions until they have officially released announcements regarding filming (due to confidentiality obligations).

Entertainment One ; TV Series

Moonshine, Season 2


Formerly titled: Feudal
Production Companies: eOne, Six Eleven Media
Broadcaster: CBC
Showrunner: Sherri Elwood
PM: Marc Tetreault
Director: Various
Filming in: Hubbards, South Shore
Dates: July – October

Prometheus Entertainment; TV Series

Curse of Oak Island, Season 9


Broadcaster: History Channel
Production Company: Prometheus Entertainment
Nova Scotia Production Company: Tell Tale Entertainment
Synopsis: The Curse of Oak Island documents brothers Rick and Marty Lagina as they pursue their lifelong dream of solving the 223-year Oak Island mystery. For over two centuries, teams of searchers, including Franklin D. Roosevelt, have attempted to crack the code that will unearth the treasure believed to be buried on the small island off the coast of Nova Scotia. Armed with the knowledge of those that came before them, the muscle of heavy machinery and decades of engineering know-how, the Lagina’s and their partners may be closer than anyone in history to finding the treasure that has so far claimed the lives of six men. More info HERE.

Afro Viking Pictures; Feature Film

Look at Me


Writer/Director: Taylor Olson
Production Company: Afro Viking Pictures
Filming in: Kjipuktuk/Halifax

Epix Studios / MGM International Television Productions; TV Series


In Production

Production Company: Midnight Radio
Studio: Epix Studios / MGM International Television Productions
Distributor: Netflix (outside the U.S.)
More info in Deadline: Epix Greenlights ‘From’ Sci-Fi Horror Series Produced By Midnight Radio

UCP (Universal Content Productions); TV Series

The Sinner, Season 4

In Production

Studio: UCP
Broadcaster: USA Network
Filming in: Chester, South Shore
More in Deadline: ‘The Sinner’: Alice Kremelberg Joins Season 4 Of USA Anthology Series As First New Cast Addition

Waterstar Entertainment / Freddie Films / Circle Blue Entertainment ; TV Series

Diggstown, Season 3

In Production

Production Companies: Waterstar Entertainment, Circle Blue Entertainment, Freddie Films
Broadcaster: CBC
Showrunner: Floyd Kane
Producer: Karen Wentzell
PM: Christine MacDonald
Filming in: Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM)
Synopsis: Diggstown follows Marcie Diggs, a corporate lawyer who begins to reconsider her priorities after a tragedy in her family following a malicious prosecution. Marcie’s team is a mash-up of do-gooders, cynics and scrappers — otherwise messy souls struggling to keep personal demons out of their practice. They work directly with the community to find justice for their clients in areas including racism, poverty and gender bias.

Paw Paw Pictures; Feature Film


In Production

Production Company: Paw Paw Pictures Inc.
Producer: Nicole Steeves
Writer / Director: Tara Thorne
Filming in: Halifax, Dartmouth
Synopsis: An incendiary feminist drama for the Me Too era, Compulsus is what happens when one woman decides it’s time for change. Wally lives a decent, steady, unremarkable life. She works from home, has daily phone calls with her sister, writes poetry, dates women. Yet even as a woman who doesn’t date men, there is something roiling beneath, as it has roiled for generations. There’s no inciting personal incident, but after a lifetime of daily, constant, incremental misogyny, Wally makes a choice. When she has a chance run-in with a known abuser, she attacks him physically. Despite her sloppiness and poor planning, she gets away with it. So she does it again. And again.

IoM Media Ventures; TV Series

This Hour Has 22 Minutes, Season 28


Production Company: IoM Media
Broadcaster: CBC
Producer: Siobhan Kennedy-Cameron
Filming in: Halifax & Dartmouth
More info HERE.

Epix; TV Series



Production Company: Epix Productions
Nova Scotia Production Company: Magic Rock Productions
PM: Valerie Halman
Showrunners: Jason and Peter Filardi
Filming in: Nova Scotia (various locations)
Director: Various
Staring: Adrien Brody, Emily Hampshire
Synopsis: Set in the 1850s, the series follows Captain Charles Boone (Brody), who relocates his family of three children to his ancestral home in the small, seemingly sleepy town of Preacher’s Corners, Maine after his wife dies at sea. However, Charles will soon have to confront the secrets of his family’s sordid history, and fight to end the darkness that has plagued the Boones for generations. Adapted from Stephen King’s short story “Jerusalem’s Lot”. Read more: Deadline

Fox / Hulu; Feature Film

Books of Blood


Production Companies: Fox / Hulu
Nova Scotia Production Company: Magic Rock Productions
PM: Valerie Halman
Director: Brannon Braga
Filming in: Dartmouth & Windsor

Universal / Amblin Partners; Feature Film

The Good House


Starring: Kevin Kline and Sigourney Weaver
Directed by: Maya Forbes (The Polka King) and Emmy winner Wally Wolodarsky (Seeing Other People).
Produced by: Amblin Partners
Producers: The Irishman producers Jane Rosenthal and Berry Welsh will produce the pic, along with Oscar nominee Aaron Ryder (Arrival) of FilmNation Entertainment.
Nova Scotia Producer: Ginny Duzak
Filming in: Dartmouth & Chester

Netflix; TV Series

Locke and Key


A Netflix Original Series (10 x 1 hour)
Filming in: South Shore (various locations)
Synopsis: After their father’s gruesome murder, three siblings move into a house with magical keys that grant them powers. Adapted from the comics by Joe Hill.