Nova Scotia has a long history of producing critically acclaimed and award-winning films, television series, documentaries and animation.

Make your next film in Nova Scotia — we’re open for business. Film and television productions filming in Nova Scotia are eligible for funding from the Nova Scotia Film & Television Production Incentive Fund, administered by the Dept. of Communities, Culture, Tourism & Heritage (CCTH). For more information on various funding programs and streams, please visit our incentives page HERE.

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Explore Screen Nova Scotia’s online production guide HERE for contact information, credits, and other details. We’re also happy to provide information on potential production partners, service providers, and unions and guilds to help you quickly become familiar with the logistics of Nova Scotia’s screen industry.

For Health & Safety Guidelines for Nova Scotia’s production industry, please click HERE. For information on filming in N.S. during COVID-19, please click HERE.

In Nova Scotia, we know production. Our province is home to world-class crews, talented cast, experienced production partners and state-of-the-art post-production facilities. Watch our video below to see why these award-winning, highly skilled and professional technicians are in demand across the country and around the world!

Recent years have been some of the busiest on record for the NS Screen Industry and our mission is to ensure this continues. Scroll down for an up-to-date list of productions that are currently shooting in Nova Scotia. Please note that we are unable to provide any information on upcoming productions until they have officially released announcements regarding filming (due to confidentiality obligations).

MGM+; Limited Series

The Institute


Upcoming Summer 2024

Hallmark; MOW


In Production

Production Company: Hallmark
Producer: Meghan Ory
Director: Christie Will Wolf
Upcoming Spring 2024

Cut/Off/Tail Pictures, Scythia Films; Feature Film

Permanent Damage

In Production

Producer: Nancy Urich, Daniel Bekerman
Director: Seth A. Smith
Writer: Seth A, Smith, Darcy Spidle
Production dates: May – July 2024
Location: Halifax

Hallmark ; MOW

Holy Father of the Bride

In Production

Production Company: Hallmark
Producer: Georgina Neville
Production Manager: Margaret Harrison
Director: Stacey N. Harding
Production Dates: April – May 2024
Filming in various locations in N.S.

Wild Dream Films, Ocean Entertainment ; MOW

The Girl on the Milk Carton

In Production
Production companies: Wild Dream Films, Ocean Entertainment
Broadcaster: Oxygen
Shoot dates: April – May 2024
Genre: True Crime, TV Special
EPIX Studios, MGM International Television Productions; TV Series

FROM, Season 3

In Production

Production Company: Midnight Radio
Studios/ Distributors: Epix Studios / MGM International Television Productions

DOTE Productions Inc.; Feature Film

Dancing on the Elephant

Production Company: DOTE Productions
Producers: Tanya Preyde and Walter Forsyth.
Logline: Two women in their twilight years forge a bittersweet friendship over carpet bowling and chair-xercise as they plot their escape from the nursing home.
IOM Media Ventures; TV Series

This Hour Has 22 Minutes, Season 31


Production Company: IoM Media Ventures

Producer / Production Manager: Siobhan Kennedy-Cameron

Filming in: Various Locations in the HRM

More info HERE.

Fremantle, Auguste Content Inc., Phantom Sounds Inc.; TV Series

Sullivan's Crossing, Season 2


Production Companies: Fremantle, Auguste Content Inc., Phantom Sounds Inc.
Broadcaster: CTV & The CW
More info: The CW Gives Early Renewal to Drama ‘Sullivan’s Crossing’ 


Fri Bands Inc., Auguste Content Inc.; Feature Film


Eastern Shore

Executive Producer: Ann Bernier, Auguste Content Inc.

Producer: Nicole Steeves, Fri Bands Inc.

Writer/ Director: Tara Thorne

Logline: When friends unite for a weekend celebration, their old feelings, new relationships, and shifting dynamics crash into each other in the shadow of summer’s dying light.

Shut Up & Colour Pictures, Alcina Pictures ; Feature Film

Sharp Corner


Writer/Director: Jason Buxton
Producers: Paul Barkin, Jason Levangie, Marc Tetreault

A dedicated family man becomes obsessed with saving the lives of the car accident victims on the sharp corner in front of his house – an obsession that could cost him everything.

Bell Media, Crave, Trailer Park Boys Inc. ; TV Series

The Trades


Production Company: Trades 1 Productions Inc.

Producer: Jonathan Walker

Studio: Bell Media

Distributor: Crave

The Trades is a sitcom about refinery employees that balances the conflicting personalities of a small town with the antics of a stressful workplace. Employees often work in hazardous conditions, yet they always find a way to amuse themselves. Tradespeople come from ALL walks of life. Corporate doesn’t care about your race, religion, gender identity or criminal record — they expect everyone to work together on the job site.