Starring Your Property

Want to see your property on the big screen? Now is your chance!

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Have you always wanted to learn more about the film industry, even getting the chance to see how a film is made? Now is your chance! With Screen Nova Scotia’s Starring Your Property program, you can include your home or business as a potential filming location in anything from films, television series, music videos, and commercials.

We’re looking for a wide array of residential and commercial properties that might attract a producer’s attention – from warehouses to condos, newly built homes to rustic farmhouses – all properties are valuable in attracting productions to the province. When you list through our program, we will include your property in our private database of fantastic filming locations available throughout Nova Scotia. Depending on the production, your location may be selected for filming, but the first step is submitting your information with the guidelines below – it’s free and easy to do!

Please note: If you’re interested in listing your property as a rental for accommodation as opposed to a filming location, please fill out the same form (below). Just let us know in the “Public Description” section and we’ll label it accordingly in our database.

Film production in Nova Scotia communities creates and generates revenues for the local economy, and filming locations, such as your home or business, are just the start of the services required by a film production (others include everything from dry cleaning, catering, building supplies, accommodations, and more). For example, over five seasons the TV series Haven contributed more than $50 million directly to the Nova Scotia economy and established the South Shore as a premier filming (and tourism) destination.

The following guidelines will help with some of the questions you may have about filming if you decide to submit your property.

Types of Productions:

  • Feature Films: Often shot with larger crews of approximately 70-130 people. The average filming schedule is two months.
  • Movies of the Week: MOWs are generally the same as features except budgets are often smaller. Cast and crew sizes are approximately 50-75.
  • Television Series: Episodes usually run anywhere from 30-60 minutes. Cast and crew sizes are often smaller than feature films, but with longer filming schedules.
  • Commercials / Music Videos: This kind of filming is often quick, potentially filming one week and airing the next. Smaller cast and crew sizes.

Making Your Property Stand-Out: A great place to start with this is taking photos of and registering your property, business or otherwise with Screen Nova Scotia. Presently we have over 1,000 images in our locations library, and that number is growing every day. These photos are made available to locations scouts, producers, and directors around the world. Here’s how the process typically works:

  • The producer sends Screen Nova Scotia a script or project details.
  • Screen Nova Scotia’s locations manager does a breakdown of locations, outlining specific types of locations needed in the script.
  • The locations library is explored to determine what properties best represent the needs of the producer and director – fitting the overall character of the project – at which time suitable locations are selected for the digital image package. If these locations are not available in the library, local locations scouts are hired to find them.
  • Location images are forwarded to the producer and director for consideration, at which time they may decide to visit Nova Scotia and check out your property for potential filming.

Registering Your Property: To register your property with Screen Nova Scotia, simply click the button on the bottom of this page! When taking photos, be sure to include and consider the unique qualities of your location that will make it stand out. Try to capture your location details as thoroughly as possible. Hint: with photos, try to duplicate the experience of someone arriving at your house for the first time and doing a tour.

What if Producers are Interested? If a production company is interested in your property, the person in charge of locating, selecting and finalizing locations (location scouts and locations managers) will contact you to arrange a site visit of your property. If at any point you have any doubts, please reach out to Screen Nova Scotia to confirm the validity of the project.

For location agreement guidelines and information on fees, please click HERE.

If you have any questions about this program or locations, please contact Melanie Solomon, Industry Services & Locations Manager: / (902) 229-1499.