Marcel Gallant

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Marcel Gallant brings a wealth of technical knowledge and creativity to every project he works on. Artisan in television and film since 1997, Marcel offers that rare combination of passion and experience, constantly striving to make the most of a budget and deliver the highest quality to the screen.

Marcel has been in the television industry since 1997. He started as a coveted editor by adding more than 200 television episodes to his credits. Having also worked as a cinematographer, his shift towards directing and producing was a natural progression. His experience in the world of production and post-production also gives him the expertise required to be a leader that people trust.

Connections Productions

We make content people watch.

We're different: We have experience, having delivered more than 1000hrs of broadcast deliveries to all major Canadian networks in French and English.

We're always pushing: We shoot everything in 6k before delivering in 4k and HD and have built a complete digital pipeline that ensures maximum quality.

Industry Role

  • Producer
  • Director / Filmmaker