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Operator of CUT/OFF/TAIL Pictures, Nancy has been producing genre film and video projects in Canada for nearly a decade. Most recently they have produced a sci fi thriller feature called Tin Can, which had it’s premiere at Sitges in 2020. In 2017 they released The Crescent, which premiered at TIFF Midnight Madness. She is currently developing a number of features including cowriting the screenplay for an all female horror called Feed.


Cut/Off/Tail Pictures is a Nova Scotia-based film production company made up of director Seth A Smith, producer, Nancy Urich, and screenwriter Darcy Spidle. The three have come together through their backgrounds in music and art releases, and have been focused on developing and producing scripted independent film content for multi-platform release for the past ten years. The latest feature, Tin Can is currently awaiting to announce it's North American release and had it's international premiere at Sitges in 2020. 2017's The Crescent, screened at top-tier festivals such as TIFF, Sitges, and Torino had received a number of awards and nominations.

Industry Role

  • Producer
  • Crew
  • Line Producer
  • Production Manager
  • Assistant Director
  • Art Department
  • Accounting

Memberships / Certifications

  • CMPA
  • SNS
  • MSVU Accounting


  • She / Her
  • Fluent in: English


  • Tin Can (2020) - Producer / Sound Design
  • The Crescent (2017) - Producer
  • I'm Coming to Paris to Kill You (2016) - Coproducer
  • Wind Through A Tree (2015) - Score
  • Lowlife (2012) - Producer
  • The Brym (2016) - Producer