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Jessie is a hard working and dedicated, creative individual with a keen eye. In 2007 she graduated from NSCADU, holding a BFA majoring in photography. She has developed and refined her technical, artistic, and communicative skills while working through a variety of visual medias such as painting, drawing, graphic design, and of course, photography.
Dating back to 2006, Jessie has worked in various departments in the film industry including Camera, Set Decoration, Scenic Paint, Props, Art Department, Craft Service, and Special Effects. This wide range of experience has given her the knowledge and understanding of many aspects of film production and has helped shaped her work ethic and set etiquette into top quality.
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Industry Role

  • Stills Photographer

Memberships / Certifications

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts- Photography Major
  • I.A.T.S.E 849


  • She / Her
  • Fluent in: English


  • Sifting (2021) - Stills Photographer
  • The Last Divide (2021) - Stills Photographer
  • Look At Me (2021) - Stills Photographer
  • Compulsus (2021) - Stills Photographer
  • Second Wedding (2021) - Stills Photographer
  • These Woods are Haunted (2020/2021) - Stills Photographer
  • Alaska Triangle (2020/2021) - Stills Photographer
  • Kayla Davis- CBC Documentary (2020) - Stills Photographer
  • Liv B- CBC Documentary (2018) - Stills Photographer
  • Tommy Tinker Forever- CBC Documentary (2018) - Stills Photographer
  • A Taste os History in N.S. - Washington Post Documentary (2018) - Stills Photographer