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RFP Invitation: Thank you for your interest. The RFP deadline has passed. Screen Nova Scotia is currently evaluating all submissions.

Background: The idea of a soundstage is not new to Nova Scotia. Warehouses, vacant facilities and retrofit buildings are used when available but for too long the industry has used makeshift options and lost lucrative business because of the lack of a professional, purpose-built studio.  The annual value of lost business to the province is estimated to be $130 million.  

All around the world, there are projects waiting to be filmed and dollars waiting to be spent. Nova Scotia can and should claim more than its fair share, but it won’t happen unless a proper soundstage is in place. That will turn a seasonal industry into a year-round concern; keep more Nova Scotians working here at home; spread benefits into rural communities across the province; and exceed any government investment many times over. In a global market saturated with demand, now is the time for Nova Scotia to step up and take advantage of its assets—its people, places, and potential.  

An ideal location is critical to this project’s success and instrumental in attracting industry partners and investment to this transformational project.  

Submission Deadline: Monday, November 21, 2022, at 3:00 p.m. AST.