May 8th, 2017

Screen Nova Scotia - Election Update

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What is our position, as the Screen Nova Scotia Industry Association?
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Q: How is the screen industry doing these days? Has it recovered?

A: 2016 was much better than 2015, measured by the number of productions completed. Screen Nova Scotia is working together with government and the new Film & Television Production Incentive Fund to grow the industry. Further consultation is required and expected to happen.

“We’re on our way back, but not fully recovered yet.”

Q: How is the new fund working compared to the old tax credit system?

A: So far, the new fund has assisted in the production of 50 film and television projects. There are producers for whom the new fund appears to be working effectively. There are other producers who believe the previous system was less complicated and more efficient at attracting outside investment. There are still aspects of film and television financing that the new fund does not address and this is causing difficulty for producers. Work is ongoing on these fronts and progress is being made.

Q: Does Screen Nova Scotia want government to revert to the old tax credit system?

A: Ultimately, it’s the government’s responsibility to invest public funds wisely. The mandate of Screen Nova Scotia is to advocate for competitive incentives for our industry.  This includes programs to help producers to attract film, television and digital animation projects that create employment for a young, diverse and skilled workforce, and thereby contribute to the province’s economy (watch our “We Mean Business” PSA HERE). If at any time the government of Nova Scotia wanted to explore restoration of a tax credit system, Screen Nova Scotia would offer up its expertise. However, any major program change requires thoughtful consultation, industry insight and careful long-range planning. Above all, what the industry needs now is stability and certainty, as it successfully rebuilds and once again becomes a cornerstone of the creative industries of which Nova Scotians are proud.

“Whether it’s a tax credit system, or the new incentive fund – these are simply tools used to attract outside investment in Nova Scotia. We need to be competitive.”

Please Note:  Screen Nova Scotia has created an advocacy page on our members-only section of the website, which can be accessed HERE. This page includes helpful links, documents, and information. We’ll be updating this page regularly until the election.