February 5th, 2020

Request for Quotation - Export Videos

Quotation Flourish
Deadline to submit: February 20th
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Screen Nova Scotia: Request for Quotation

Project: Export Videos
Date Issued: February 6th, 2020
Closing Date: February 20th, 2020
Download a PDF file of the RFQ by clicking HERE.

Project Proposal: Screen Nova Scotia will hire a production team (full-service company or freelance) to create three videos, each approximately three minutes in length. 

The selected team will create one export video to be used as an international sales tool to promote Nova Scotia as a destination location, and two promotional reels of Nova Scotia’s most marketable and exportable projects — one for film and one for television — designed to increase the discoverability of NS content. 

The export video will include visuals that will showcase Nova Scotia locations, and clips from selected projects that have filmed in the province. It will also include interviews with local and international service producers/directors who have recently shot in Nova Scotia, and with crew and talent attached to these projects.  

The two promotional videos will showcase the world-class content that is created in Nova Scotia. One video will showcase feature-length film, including scripted and documentary, and the second will focus on television series, including animation. 

Scope of Work: Screen Nova Scotia will collect and deliver the clips/content to the contracted company, who will then assemble/edit/produce the videos. The expected timeline for delivery of the first draft of all three videos is April 1st, 2020. Our intended goal is to have final videos by Fall 2020. SNS will work with the contracted company to acquire any further content (i.e. on set interviews) required to finalize videos over the summer. For reference, you can find past SNS export videos online HERE.

RFQ Details: Applicants are asked to describe timelines, expectations, and all costs. Please provide an overview of your company/business and references for companies with whom you’ve done similar work.

Selection Process: The successful applicant will be chosen based on a demonstrated understanding of our needs, a familiarity with our industry, and similar work done successfully for other clients.

Background: Screen Nova Scotia is a not-for-profit industry association and film commission that promotes and advocates on behalf of Nova Scotia’s screen industry. The organization is guided by a volunteer board of directors and an active membership that work in all areas of film, television, and animation. 

Screen Nova Scotia is dedicated to building a strong and sustainable future for the province’s production sector. We’re the first point of contact to find out more about locations, production partners, industry resources and infrastructure, and financial incentives.

Contact: Please send any questions or requests for clarification by email to the contact below.

Tara McClair, Operations & Communications Manager
tara@screennovascotia.com / (902) 229-1499

One copy of your proposal, clearly marked RFQ – Export Videos, must be received no later than 5:00 p.m. AST on Thursday, February 20th, submitted by either email or mail.

Email: tara@screennovascotia.com 

Mail: Screen Nova Scotia
#502 – 1496 Lower Water Street
Halifax, NS, Canada B3J 1R9