November 14th, 2018

Production of Mr. D boasts massive economic benefit for Nova Scotia

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Over eight seasons, production on the series generated $126.5 million in economic activity and created 1,400+ jobs

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The grades are in: Production of Mr. D boasts massive economic benefit for Nova Scotia

Over eight seasons, production on the series generated $126.5 million in economic activity and created 1,400+ jobs

HALIFAX, November 14, 2018 – The long-running TV comedy series Mr. D has generated impressive economic activity for Halifax and the province of Nova Scotia, according to a report released today by the Canadian Media Producers Association in partnership with Screen Nova Scotia. As revealed in the analysis, over eight seasons, production on the hit series generated $126.5 million in economic activity and contributed $93.9 million in GDP. A summary of the report’s key findings can be viewed here.

“Mr. D’s impressive economic contributions at the local, provincial and federal levels clearly demonstrate the benefits of regionally-produced content,” said the CMPA’s President and CEO Reynolds Mastin. “The show’s distinctive comedic tone is unmistakably reflective of the local culture in which it was produced, yet its popularity and longevity demonstrate its remarkable power to resonate with Canadian audiences from coast to coast.”

Of the more than 1,400 jobs created by the series, approximately two-thirds were staffed by Nova Scotia talent. In addition, the report found that in just one single season 386 Canadian businesses benefited, and over 80 per cent of these were businesses based in the Bluenose Province.

“As a proud Nova Scotian, it’s very rewarding to see the impact that our show has had on the local community over the course of its run,” said the president of Topsail Entertainment Mike Volpe, who is an executive producer on the series. “These benefits wouldn’t be possible without the amazing support of the CBC, the investment of provincial and federal governments, and of course, the incomparably passionate and talented filmmaking community right here in Nova Scotia.”

In a standalone analysis of show’s sixth season, the report found that for every dollar of provincial government incentives the production received in Nova Scotia, it generated $5.63 in economic output and $4.18 in GDP. At the federal level, every dollar of tax credit yielded $15.75 in economic output and $11.67 in GDP.

“Over its eight seasons, Mr. D has become an adored and respected platform for Nova Scotia’s immense talent to shine on the national stage,” said Screen Nova Scotia’s Executive Director, Laura Mackenzie. “The crews, actors and locations that make up this show are truly representative of our community’s capacity to make world-class content. While we’re sorry to see this era end, we’re thrilled about the role this show will play in sparking interest in our province as a home for future productions as it continues to reach audiences worldwide.”

New episodes of the eighth and final season of Mr. D air Wednesday nights on CBC.

Economic analysis for the study was carried out by MNP LLP for the CMPA with financial support from Screen Nova Scotia. The full study is available here.