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Melanie Solomon joined Screen Nova Scotia as the Industry Services & Locations Manager in August 2017. Her role includes opportunities to put the Nova Scotia screen industry on the map through location support for national and international inquiries while supporting local producers and administering all aspects of Screen Nova Scotia’s presence at industry events.

Melanie got her start in the film industry in 2011 as a member of the Strategic Partners (now FIN Partners) team. From there, her skill set has grown to include marketing and business development, along with on-set experience as both a Locations Manager (Weirdos, Exit Thread) and Production Assistant.

Melanie has a background in journalism.

Screen Nova Scotia

Screen Nova Scotia is a film commission and industry association that promotes and advocates on behalf of Nova Scotia’s screen industry. Our membership includes producers, service providers, cast and crew, unions, and supporting organizations.

Screen Nova Scotia is dedicated to building a strong and sustainable future for the province’s production sector. We’re here to support your production as the first point of contact to find out more about locations, production partners, industry resources and infrastructure, and financial incentives.

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