Len MacKeigan

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Len MacKeigan is a Halifax based comedy writer and producer who has written for children, Poko, Lunar Jim (CBC), Pucca (Jetix Europe), Olliver’s Adventures and Eckhart, (Teletoon), and adults This Hour has 22 Minutes (CBC).

As producer/creator he recently completed Season 2 of the  series Tracy and Martina’s Dirty Deeds for Swearnet.com (Trailer Park Boys’ streaming service) and production managed a music series for Heather Rankin.

His day job is as producer for the Halifax Comedy Festival series on CBC Television.

He produced a live variety show for the CBC entitled Live! At 25:00, which featured Picnicface one of the top sketch comedy troupes in Canada and featured on Will Farrell’s Funny or Die website.

As one of the founding members of the improv comedy group Scriptwreck’d Len has performed in numerous venues including the Edmonton Fringe Festival.  He has also played principal roles in Trailer Park Boys and several independent short films.

He has a Commerce degree from St. Mary’s University and a  Certified Management Accountant designation (but has retired from that organization).




Industry Role

  • Producer
  • Writer


  • He / Him
  • Fluent in: English