Joshua Rainhard

Contact Information


When asked, ‘What do you do ?’ I tell others that I get outdoors, ride bicycles, take photographs, leave town on a motorcycle, focus on being present with others, help people, make strangers smile, cook for friends and family, and wear my heart on my sleeve. 

That is what I do. 

As a professional, I’m a visual storyteller that pulls inspiration from everything that I do and pour it back into my work… 

…and I absolutely love it.

Industry Role

  • Crew
  • Cinematographer / DOP
  • Camera Operator
  • Grip
  • Gaffer


  • Mega Marine Machines S1 (2019) - Director of Photography
  • Bud Empire S1 (2018) - Camera Operator
  • The Benoit Brothers (2017) - Director of Photography
  • Newborn Moms S2 (2016) - Camera Operator
  • 40 Winters (2016) - Director of Photography
  • Sweat The City (2016) - Camera Operator
  • Boundless S3 (2015) - Camera Operator
  • Sad Monster (2014) - Director of Photography
  • Beyond Gay: Politics of Pride (2010) - Director of Photography