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The Film and Television Industry is a unique business. It presents unusual dangers and occupational health and safety hazards.

HealthCertain can provide guidance and will help you to work within your existing Studio programs or help to develop your own Medically Approved Protocols, Health-Safety programs and teams, and provide Personal Protective Equipment — regardless of the hazard.

COVID-19 Services: Consultancy Services:

● Saliva Based RT-PCR

● 30 minute RT-PCR on site testing

● Two hour on site RT-PCR

● RT-PCR Testing

● Antigen Lateral flow Testing

● Antibody testing

● LAMP and NAAT testing

● Advanced Protocols

● Contact Tracing Services

● Positive Case Management

● Script Review

● Location Safety Scouts

● Technical Safety Scouts

● On-set support

● Employee Wellness Programs

● Construction and Workplace safety

● Stunts and Special Effects safety

● Location safety

● Training

● Audits

● Asbestos/Lead/Mold review



HealthCertain Inc

HealthCertain delivers a comprehensive Covid Health, Safety and Screening solution to mitigate Covid risk for your workplace. Leader in development and implementation of public and private sector Covid management protocols.

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