Dan Buchanan

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  • IATSE 667 member since 2009
  • Assistant Camera for multi-cam Reality/Documentary and long format series works
  • DIT/DMT credits dating back to 2009
  • TC Certified Advanced Drone Pilot and Operator
  • Experience in world travel for production in a variety of terrains and locations. Currently located in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Will travel for job opportunities.

As a prominent member of the film community in Nova Scotia, I spent years growing with the technological advancements happening at a rapid rate after my completion of film school in 2007. I was fortunate enough to be exposed to the early days of digital media and see the improvements in digital film making as it evolved. Because of that exposure, I was placed on nearly every digital shoot happening in the early beginnings as a result of my position as a Camera Prep Technician at Sim Digital rentals. Since then, I have been fortunate enough to work in a variety of positions within the Camera Department as a Digital Imaging Technician, Camera Assistant, Specialty Camera Technician, Camera Engineer, VTR/Playback, Colourist, Drone Pilot/Operator and more.

From prep to wrap, my main goal is to help production run as fluidly as possible wherever and whenever possible. Time saving alternatives while preserving a high standard of work has always been my goal and my work has shown so over the last decade. I fully immerse myself in tasks at hand and stay focused until said tasks are fully complete.

14tooth Films

Providing Drone, DIT, Camera assistant, and Camera Operator services in Canada and South America since 2009.

Industry Role

  • Data Management Technician

Memberships / Certifications

  • IATSE 667


  • This Hour Has 22 Minutes S30 (2023) - Camera Assistant
  • Sullivan's Crossing S1 (2022) - DIT, Drone Operator
  • Moonshine S3 (2022) - Drone Operator
  • This Hour Has 22 Minutes S29 (2022) - Camera Assistant
  • Moonshine S2 (2021) - DIT, Drone Operator
  • This Hour Has 22 Minutes S28 (2021) - Camera Assistant
  • Moonshine S1 (2020) - Camera Assistant
  • Bad Chad S2 (2019) - Camera Assistant, Drone Operator
  • Kings of Pain S1 (2019) - Camera Assistant, Drone Operator
  • Bad Chad S21 (2018) - Camera Assistant, Drone Operator
  • Dirty Money S2 (2019) - Camera Assistant, Camera Operator
  • Uncharted S1 (2018) - Camera Assistant, Camera Operator
  • The Bachelor S22 (2017) - Drone Operator
  • The Curse of Oak Island S4 (2016) - Camera Assistant, Drone Operator
  • The Curse of Oak Island S3 (2015) - Camera Assistant, Drone Operator
  • The Book of Negros (2015) - DIT
  • Beethoven’s Treasure (2014) - DIT
  • Call Me Fitz S4 (2013) - DIT
  • Call Me Fitz S3 (2012) - DIT
  • Christmas with Holly (2012) - DIT
  • Call Me Fitz S3 (2011) - DIT
  • Happy Funtime Hour (2010) - DIT