Catherine Brown

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Director, colour artist, animator and still photographer.

Cathy’s skills as a director stems from her talents as an artist, as a poet and an almost but not-quite-NSCAD-graduate. Cathy brings her artistic skills to bear on her professional career. She is a master After Effects animator, graphic designer and a highly refined colour-grading artist. Cathy is a fast thinker, problem solver and remains cool under pressure. She thinks outside the box creatively and strives to find an original way to approach every project. But none of that alludes to her organizational skills, her discipline and her training (including a Master’s Degree in Library Sciences). Cathy, together with her partner Jeff Fish, has been successfully running Filet Production Services for almost fifteen years.

Industry Role

  • Producer
  • Director / Filmmaker
  • Crew
  • Post-Production
  • Animation
  • Camera Operator
  • Animator