Caleb Habermehl

Contact Information


Caleb is a PA, Grip & Electric with some camera experience working in HRM. He graduated from NSCC’s Screen Arts Program in 2017 and has since worked doing freelance filmmaking for companies such as O’Regan’s BMW, NSCC, the NS Premier, local music artists, real estate agents, and other local businesses. He has his Red Cross First Aid, WHMIS, OHS, Class 5 driver’s license and NAUI scuba license. He has also taken IATSE’s Set Safety class & John Shurko’s On-Set PA class through the DGC.

Caleb’s greatest desire is to work hard, contribute to the team, and help the production to run as efficiently as possible. He is a permittee with the DGC-ARC and a referral with IATSE 849. He is looking for any opportunity to get on set and learn more from professionals in their field.

Industry Role

  • Camera Operator
  • Assistant Director
  • Grip
  • Production Assistant
  • Gaffer

Memberships / Certifications

  • Permittee - DGC
  • Referral - IATSE 849


  • He / Him
  • Fluent in: English


  • NSCC Accessibility Program Class (2020) - Camera Operator
  • Oregan's BMW X3 M Showcase (2018) - Camera Operator
  • Farewell to Childhood - NSCC (2017) - Camera Operator
  • A Mutual Feeling - NSCC (2017) - Camera Operator
  • The Bench - NSCC (Played at AFF) (2016) - 1st AD
  • Healthcare On Tap - NSCC (2016) - Gaffer
  • In Escrow - NSCC (2016) - Key Grip