Bruce E. Smith

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ACTRA Member

IATSE Member Referral

Screen Nova Scotia Associate

Background Roles: The Mist, The Good House, Alaska Triangle, The Sinner, Diggstown, Chapelwaite.

I am a MATURE, SEASONED, PROFESSIONAL experienced in Project & Event Management, Exhibit Design Consulting & Trade Show Management, Museum Design & Management, Conservation and Artifact Handling, Corporate and Live Event Management, Logistic Management, Client Relation Building, Contract Negotiation, International Talent Liaison, Interpretive Planning and Design, Graphic Design & Software, Public Speaking, and Radio Show Hosting and Production.

With decades of experience in project management and visual communication, I bring to every project, a wealth of knowledge, having worked on a vast variety of customized projects in the commercial and corporate sectors, and government. I have worked with clients throughout Canada, in the United States and in Europe.

I specialize in Project Management, Visual Communications, Client Consultation, Procurement, On-time and On-budget Execution, Installation and Post Project Evaluation.


Industry Role

  • Art Department
  • Set Decorator / Props
  • Background
  • Union / Guild Member

Memberships / Certifications

  • ACTRA Member Atlantic
  • IATSE 849 Referral
  • Screen Nova Scotia
  • DGC Permittee


  • Fluent in: English


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