Brandon Boyd

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My name is Brandon Boyd, I’m from Halifax, Nova Scotia. I am an autistic filmmaker, starting with my work with Reachability in 2014, now as a member working with the Atlantic Film Cooperative. My goal in the film industry is to become a film director to tell stories with the autistic community and the disabled community. I recently did a self-portrait project called “Dear Hollywood’ talking about the portrayal of autism in mainstream media. I believe as an industry we should be including actual disabled people in our stories and our industry!

Industry Role

  • Director / Filmmaker
  • Student / Trainee
  • Editor

Memberships / Certifications

  • Atlantic Film Cooperative (2022 -)
  • Bluenose Ability Film Festival (2014-2017)


  • He / Him
  • I identify as a person with a disability
  • Mental Disability
  • Fluent in: English


  • Dear Hollywood (2022) - Directed, Edited, Cinematography
  • Invisible (2022) - Assistant Editor
  • QUIET PARADE (2022) - Cinematography, Edited
  • AMI"s disRUPT (2023) - Assistant Set Decorator
  • What Do You Think? (2023) - Directed, Written, Edited, Cinematography
  • Judd, Mello and Tooth Floss (2023) - Sound Trainee
  • Entree (2023) - Script Supervisor