Aaron Cameron

Contact Information


Aaron Cameron is a Nova Scotia based writer/director/editor and/or hireable production partner. He is reluctant graduate of Saint Francis Xavier University and a proud Screen Arts alum. He served as scriptwriter (later script editor) WatchMojo from 2013-20, and is a former reporter, educator, and one time child.

To date, he has worked on productions featured on the BBC, CTV, The History Channel, A&E, and has been part of the production team for numerous Clerisy Entertainment productions. Additionally, he has appeared on screen in productions such as Seed, Mr. D, Bag of Bones, and Newton’s Grace in roles that, with time and good fortune, may someday be considered cameos.

Silverfish Entermedia

Silverfish Entermedia, Ltd. A registered LLC based in Nova Scotia.

Industry Role

  • Director / Filmmaker
  • Writer
  • Production Assistant
  • Production Coordinator
  • Editor

Memberships / Certifications

  • DGC Permittee
  • IATSE 849 Referral Listee
  • AFCOOP Full Member
  • DGC-ARC Fundamentals
  • DGC Building a Respectful Workplace
  • DGC Set PA Workshop
  • DGC 4th AD/TAD Workshop
  • IATSE 849 Set Etiquette and Safety Training Program
  • Class 5 Drivers Licence
  • Red Cross First Aid