February 15th, 2018

Film in Nova Scotia: We're open for business!

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Screen Nova Scotia launches new promotional video.
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Last week, Screen Nova Scotia delivered a clear message to national and international producers attending Prime Time in Ottawa: Nova Scotia is open for business.

The Prime Time in Ottawa conference (Jan. 31 – Feb. 2) is a national networking event for more than 600 of Canada’s most prominent business leaders from the feature film, television, interactive media, broadcasting and telecommunications industries.

The promotional video includes footage from recent films, TV series and mini series filmed in Nova Scotia, including The Mist, Book of Negroes, Mr. D, Pure, and Let’s Get Physical. Producers, directors, and actors all share the screen, speaking about their experiences working in Nova Scotia.

“This has been one of the best crews that I have ever worked with,” said Academy Award-winning actor, Cuba Gooding Jr. “I have seen professionalism that I forgot existed on film sets.” Cuba Gooding Jr. appeared in the CBC/BET mini series Book of Negroes, which filmed in various locations across Nova Scotia and went on to win nine Canadian Screen Awards in 2016.

The video also features appearances from:
– Damon D’Oliveira, Producer, Book of Negroes
– Guy Louthain, Producer, The Mist
– Geoff MacLellan, Minister of Business, Nova Scotia
– Dan Newmark and Ben Newmark, Creators & Executive Producers, Let’s Get Physical
– Jane Seymour, Actor, Let’s Get Physical
– Clement Virgo, Director, Book of Negroes

Nova Scotia’s Film & Television Production Incentive Fund offers producers up to 32% back on all provincial spending including labour, goods and services. Administered by Nova Scotia Business Inc., the average payout of funds is just 36 days – making it faster and more responsive than most tax credits. The fund can also be triggered by a online distributor, such as Netflix or Hulu, as opposed to traditional broadcast license.