Amplified Voices: Development Fund

Applications will open in fall 2024

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The Development Fund provides funding and training to develop high quality creative content to a level that can attract partners, financing and distribution so that it can move into production. Companies may submit an application to the fund to receive one of a limited number of grants to assist them with their project development activities.

The call for development funding applications will open in the Fall of 2024. Please sign up to the SNS newsletter at the bottom of this page and follow our social media channels to be notified of the opening date.

The Amplified Voices Development Program guidelines are available for review HERE.

Program Funding

The Development Fund will grant non-repayable funding contributions to a maximum of $20,000 for each eligible project. SNS may fund 100% of the project’s eligible expenditures through the program. If the project’s development budget exceeds $20,000, additional financing such as producer investments, deferrals or services, distribution advance, platform development deal or licence must be confirmed at the time of application.

Program Eligibility 

Applicant Eligibility: To be eligible for the Development Fund, applicants must be a Nova Scotian Production Company that meets the following criteria:

  • The applicant either: completed the Amplified Voices Pre-Development Program in 2024 as a producer or is a Nova Scotian Production Company where the majority of owners self-identify as members of an Underrepresented Community. *
  • Have an attached confirmed Nova Scotian Resident screenwriter who self-identifies as a member of an Underrepresented Community.
  • The producer and screenwriter must be Emerging Talent. **
  • Applicants do not need to be a member of Screen Nova Scotia to apply, but no less than one member of the creative team (producer OR screenwriter) must become a member if approved for funding.
  • Applicants must show a demonstrated interest or experience in working in the screen industries and either the applicant or screenwriter must show a track record of content creation (any screen format, including but not limited to short film, series, and short-form video content for digital social media platforms is acceptable).
  • Agree to participate in training events with industry experts, which will be organised by Screen Nova Scotia.
  • The applicant and its team and shareholders are limited to one application per year. 

Project Eligibility: To be eligible for funding, projects must:

  • Be new and original (second or subsequent seasons of a series are not eligible).
  • Be conceived as documentary or scripted feature film, one-off programming, short form digital series, or broadcast TV series.
  • Have a confirmed creative team at the time of application that includes a producer and screenwriter.

Further eligibility details are included in the Amplified Voices Program Guidelines HERE.

Eligible Activities: The Development Fund is intended to accelerate the development of the project through the creation of early-stage project-related deliverables. Examples of eligible activities include:

  • Detailed pitch deck.
  • Series outline.
  • Episode outlines.
  • Script(s).
  • Production expenses for the production of proof-of-concept content or teaser.
  • Marketing plan.
  • Preliminary audience development plan.
  • Story editor.
  • Paid mentorship support.

Activities that are part of the production phase of the project will not be eligible. Activities must be completed within one year of notification of the decision.

*  Underrepresented Community means a member of one or more of the communities of Black, Indigenous, People of Colour, 2SLGBTQIA+, People with a long-term, intermittent or recurring Disability, or Official Language Minorities.

** Emerging Talent means Nova Scotia resident producers, directors and/or screenwriters who have previously produced, directed and/or written no more than one feature film or four hours of television content which have been produced for intended commercial release.


All selected applicants will participate in a mandatory production financing and management workshop, and a creative development workshop to identify elements needed to advance the project.

Application Information

The call for development funding applications will open in the Fall of 2024.

Application Checklist: To apply for funding from the Development Fund, a complete submission must be received by the Program Administrator. That consists of a completed application form (which will go live when the program is launched) and all required accompanying documentation and supplementary information, including:

  • Self-identification forms for members of the creative team (producer and screenwriter).
  • Filmography/CVs for the creative team (producer and screenwriter).
  • Pitch package.
  • Development phase budget using SNS budget template.
  • Development phase schedule.
  • Description of activities.
  • A link to an example of previous work by either the producer or screenwriter.

Applications will be evaluated by a national selection committee overseen by Screen Nova Scotia with final decisions made by representatives from SNS.

Applications will be evaluated with consideration of the following elements:

  • Quality, innovation, and creativity of the project.
  • The team’s access to the capacity, skills, knowledge and expertise required to complete the proposed activities.
  • The team’s commitment to the project.
  • The team’s readiness to take advantage of the opportunities provided by the Development Program.
  • The overall potential for success.
  • The feasibility of the budget and development activities.

Please contact Abel Rangel, Project Coordinator, if you have any questions about this program, the application process, or if you need accessibility accommodations in order to submit your application: / (902) 229-1499